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Apache Solr 4.0 with RankingAlgorithm 1.4.6 with Realtime-search NRT

Apache Solr** 4.0 with RankingAlgorithm 1.4.6 is now available for download. See downloads below ...
  • **New**, Realtime-search now works with both RankingAlgorithm and Lucene (See how Realtime-search is different from realtime-get, Realtime-search implementation)
  • Realtime-search does not close the searcher (no commits are needed), so can be fine grained resulting in thread1, thread2, thread3 returning new results
  • See how the Realtime-search implementation is more granular/realtime compared to soft commit (approx 2x faster than soft-commit), NRT comparison with soft commit
  • Very high insert/update performance, 70000 docs / sec
  • Very high performance, <10 ms response time for a billion docs index, very fast faceting
  • Scale to 2 billion documents with just 1 core
  • Realtime-search contributed back to Solr 4.0, see JIRA

Apache Solr 3.6.2 with RankingAlgorithm 1.4.3 with Realtime-search NRT

Apache Solr** with RankingAlgorithm enables Solr's search results to be comparable to Google Site Search and much better than Apache Lucene** for searches using the Perl index, see comparison searches. RankingAgorithm is a search library that uses a new scoring algorithm to rank results accurately and relevantly. RankingAlgorithm is very easy to use and uses the very popular Lucene index but scores and ranks on its own.

Solr with RankingAlgorithm also supports NRT and can update documents at about 5000 documents in 498 with concurrent searches without closing the Searchers or clearing the caches, etc., see Near Real Time Search.

Multiple Algorithm are available SIMPLE, SIMPLE1, COMPLEX, COMPLEX1. SIMPLE* are very fast algorithms and can return queries in <50ms on a 10m wikipedia index (complete index). It can also scale to 100m docs or maybe more. COMPLEX is a more complex algorithm so is a little slower compared to the SIMPLE, but can also still return queries in < 100ms on a 10m wikipedia index (complete index). COMPLEX is more accurate and should be able to give you the best rankings as compared to SIMPLE*.

RankingAlgorithm works in two modes, document mode and product mode:

In document mode, it ranks documents such as HTML, Wikipedia, Word/PDF docs relevantly while in Product mode, a term's occurrence is taken into account and scored accordingly. So titles starting with "wii console" are ranked first, and the others rank lower as the occurrence of "wii console" shifts in the title or gets reversed, see below:

The RankingAlgorithm has been integrated into Solr so that either Lucene or the RankingAlgorithm can be used to do the search. The RankingAlgorithm scoring or working does not break any of the existing functionality, so shrad, faceting, highlighting, etc. still work as before. RankingAlogirhtm only uses Lucene Apis to retrieve the terms from the index and uses its own ranking and scoring to rank the documents. The scoring is very friendly and easy to follow.

Get more information:

Give it a try Download Apache Solr with RankingAlgorithm

Try the Demos here,

Try Autocomplete using Solr with RankingAlgorithm, similar to Google/Yahoo/Bing's autocomplete (It is free),  Give it a try

Installing and Using Solr with RankingAlgorithm

Install Solr as before, no changes to the existing installation steps (see Solr docs for installation). No changes to the way you query or use Solr. The change is when you initiate a query, the search uses RankingAlgorithm instead of Lucene. You can still use Lucene by adding "&lucene=true" to use Lucene as before. You can download Solr with RA from here and follow the steps as in the download docs either on the Solr website or from here.

See examples below:

Searching in document mode (default):
http://localhost:8773/solr/select/?q=california gold rush&fl=score

Searching in product mode:
http://localhost:8773/solr/select/?q=wii console&fl=score&scoring=product

Searching using Lucene library:
http://localhost:8773/solr/select/?q=california gold rush&fl=score&lucene=true

Search components

Autocomplete using Solr with RankingAlgorithm, similar to Google/Yahoo/Bing's autocomplete (It is free),  Give it a try


Try the Demos here, Faceting/Autcomplete demo,  Integration with JamWiki,   Wikipedia/Products/Perl.org

Give it a try (Downloads)


1. Search very accurate and relevant. Comparable to Google site search and much better than Lucene, see comparison.
2. Three algorithms, SIMPLE, SIMPLE1 and COMPLEX.
3. Two modes, Document and Product mode. Product mode enables very accurate product/retail/short twitter text searches. Document mode enables relevant search, can be used for product searches too.
4. By default AND/OR combinations.
5. Very easy scoring with a relevancy score.
6. Very easy to use.
7. Score boosting, supports Document, Field, Query & Query term boosts.
8. Uses the very popular Lucene index. No changes to your code or index.
9. Realtime-search, similar to realtime-get but with search capability
10. Query a 10m wikipedia index in <50 ms, scale upto 100m docs
11. Supports +- boolean queries, entire Lucene Query Syntax
12. Supports Glob/Regular expressions/Fuzzy/Prefix/Suffix queries, results ranked relevantly


Browse the javadocs here:

RankingAlgorithm 1.4.6 docs,RankingAlgorithm 1.4.6 Javadocs.
RankingAlgorithm 1.4.5 docs,RankingAlgorithm 1.4.5 Javadocs.
RankingAlgorithm 1.4.4 docs,RankingAlgorithm 1.4.4 Javadocs.
RankingAlgorithm 1.4.3 docs,RankingAlgorithm 1.4.3 Javadocs.
RankingAlgorithm 1.4.1 docs,RankingAlgorithm 1.4.1 Javadocs.
RankingAlgorithm 1.3 docs, RankingAlgorithm 1.3 Javadocs.
RankingAlgorithm 1.2 docs, RankingAlgorithm 1.2 Javadocs.
RankingAlgorithm 1.1/1.0 docs, RankingAlgorithm 1.1 Javadocs.

WIKI, Apache Solr with RankingAlgorithm WIKI.




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